2019 Grand Marshal

Aram Terchunian

Aram Terchunian

Aram Terchunian’s links to the community are deep. A graduate of Westhampton Beach High School, he is a coastal geologist and owner of First Coastal Corp., an environmental consulting and coastal construction firm which has been operating in Westhampton Beach for decades.

However, it is Aram’s charitable work that truly distinguishes him within the community. He is co-founder of the Moriches Bay Project, a grass roots organization dedicated to improving local bay water quality through farming hundreds of thousands of oysters which filter millions of gallons of water daily. Equally important is the Project’s outreach to local schools to educate students about the benefit of environmental action and provide students hands-on experience installing the oyster habitats.

If the environment is a passion for Aram both professionally and personally, so is his work on behalf of the youth in our community. Aram served on the Westhampton Beach Board of Education for 10 years. Less publicly, Aram is known to mentor local students in skills such as resume writing and interview techniques.

Another example of his commitment to youth is his long membership in the Kiwanis of Greater Westhampton, of which he is currently President. Their motto, “Serving the Children of the World” illustrates their mission which has a special focus on the children of our community.

In recognition of his exceptional service, Aram has been awarded the high honor of the George F. Hixson Fellowship. The Rotary Club of Westhampton similarly awarded Aram their highest honor, the Paul Harris Fellowship, in appreciation for his significant and tangible assistance in achieving the Rotary’s charitable goals.

As Vice-Commodore of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron, Aram volunteers his time and his boat to facilitate sailing activities and racing for children and adults with clubs as far away as Hempstead Bay.

Aram has one daughter, Mara who is a graduate of Westhampton Beach High School.

His wife Lise Frielinghaus, whom we tragically lost on January 4, 2018, was also a graduate of Westhampton Beach High School. She was a beloved art educator in the Westhampton Schools where she was dedicated to helping the students in her care and the entire Westhampton community.

Aram Terchunian resides in Westhampton Beach